Pretville (2012)


Pretville is the brand new Afrikaans musical film from Hartiwood Films. Reuniting the talented filmmaking team behind the 2010 blockbuster “Liefling, Die Movie” – producers Paul Kruger and Emma Kruger, and co-producer and director Linda Korsten – the film is a rollicking Afrikaans musical set in the 50s. In the small, bright and vibrant town of Pretville, anything is possible and lots of interesting things happen all the time.

Also on board is the internationally acclaimed composer and songwriter Machiel Roets who has composed almost 30 brand new Afrikaans songs for the film. Roets has worked as musical director on pantomimes and musicals in London for more than 12 years.

“With ‘Pretville’ we hope to capture the 50s that we largely missed out on,” says director Linda Korsten. “This film is colourful and full of fun, music and dance. You’ll recognise the characters even if you don’t know them. Once you have visited the town of Pretville, you cannot help but feel happy.”

Featuring 50s music from rock ‘n roll to doo-wop, the film harks back to an era characterised by charm and romance. In the tradition of ‘Grease’ and ‘Hairspray’, it’s madly colourful and stylish. It’s also big on costumes, with a wardrobe and sumptuous set design never before seen in a local movie. The entire set was built from scratch at Hartbeespoort and encompasses a town hall, diner, hair salon, garage, funeral parlour and other distinctive small town features. Because it’s set in the 50s, audiences will also be able to feast their eyes on a gorgeous collection of classic vintage cars.

“We have assembled the best cast, the best music and the best vintage vehicles for this film,” says producer Paul Krüger. “There is no doubt in my mind that we are producing something truly unique and fun with ‘Pretville’. The town we have built is amazing and we are really proud of our art department. As with ‘Liefling, Die Movie’ the production values of the film are world class.”

In the lead are Marlee van der Merwe (Liefling, Die Movie), newcomer Eugene Jensen and Marno van der Merwe (Longshot). Also starring in the film are Terence Bridgett as a flamboyant hairdresser and mayor of Pretville Pierre Lukuveer. Other well known stars appearing in the film include Annette Engelbrecht, Lizz Meiring, Steve Hofmeyr, Rina Nienaber, Emo Adams, Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck, Willem Botha, Sanet Ackermann, Kevin Leo and Jakkie Louw, as well as a line-up of fresh, young talent.

Pretville’ will be distributed by Indigenous Film Distribution. “This is another in a growing line of top quality Afrikaans films that are being produced,” says Helen Kuun, CEO of Indigenous Film Distribution. “The focus is on fun and this exciting film will have audiences singing along. It’s great to see the progress being made in driving quality and production values while also creating great South African entertainment.


Serah Somers (Marlee van der Merwe) lives in Pretville with her Ouma Sarie (Annette Engelbrecht) and her mother Emily (Sanet Ackermann).

Pierre Lukuveer (Terence Bridgett) is both the hairdresser and mayor of Pretville, and the gossip flows thick and fast at his salon, where Ouma Sarie visits almost every day to catch up on the local news.

Frank (Marno van der Merwe) has an eye for the girls and he believed that Serah is his. But when Serah meets Dawid de Wit (Eugene Jensen), the son of a local farmer, they are immediately attracted to one-another. Frank is not happy about this at all, and the battle for her heart begins.

Major pop star Eddie Elektriek (Steve Hofmeyr), who returns to Pretville for the first time in 25 years, meets up with his old flame Emily and it’s clear that they still have feelings for one-another. But will it last this time?

Grieta Geeverniet (Lizelle de Klerk) is pregnant, and everyone in the town wants to know who the baby’s father is.

Roeda Regyt (Rina Nienaber) is a perfectionist who always insists on things being done properly, which means she’s not very popular with the other townsfolk. She’s also a bit of a hypochondriac and is always suffering from some new ailment.

Candy storeowner Lollie le Roux (Lizz Meiring) is mad about all the young men in the town and she flirts all the time. But will she ever find true love.

There’s always something going on in Pretville. If the townsfolk aren’t rocking and rolling on a Saturday night, then they’re celebrating and partying in style.

Pretville opens in cinemas countrywide on 23 November 2012.


The name says it all – this town is about enjoyment. I knew from the start that the film had to be full of fun and happiness. How we were going to make it work on screen was another story. Pretville is a true musical film, a tale that is told through the medium of music, dance and acting.

Luckily, Machiel Roets has written the most beautiful music to carry the story. It’s an Afrikaans fifties fantasy told like no other you have seen or imagined on the big screen before.

Because of the subject matter, the film had to be colourful, playful and full of humour, but it also had to be true to the era. In addition, the characters had to be recognisable – the type of people you come across all the time in everyday life. I really believe we go that right. Everyone who participated in the making of the film did their bit in the best way possible, and the result is a spectacular film that enables everyone to shine.

From the gorgeous set, which was custom built for the film, to the music, choreography, costumes, vehicles and the technical team and of course the cast, everyone came together to make sure it would be a success.

There were times when I was exhausted and I was tempted to run away, but there was always someone standing by, ready to take my hand and walk a few steps forward with me.

This film is a team effort. It has been the most wonderful, uplifting experience.

– Linda Korsten


You were going to start work on another film. What made you change your mind?

One day I got a call from London, from someone called Machiel, who said he wanted to send me a few songs to listen to. The CDs arrived and lay in my office for about a month. The one night I was having trouble sleeping and I thought I’d listen to the guy’s music, so I could at least send him an email to thank him and say “no thank you”.

I listened to the first song and thought it was great. The second one was phenomenal, and by the time I got to the third one I knew this was something special we had here. Machiel did not even know where in South Africa I live, but one of the songs is called Daar Anderkant Rietfontein, and Rietfontein is the name of the farm where we live, and on which Hartiwood is built. That kind of sealed the deal.

His idea was to work on a music programme for television and to get a whole bunch of artists to perform the 50s style songs. I told him I thought it would be a far better idea to make a movie. He agreed. I gave him some characters and the next day he sent a new song.

Machiel came to South Africa in 2011 for Bobby van Jaarsveld’s wedding, we met and started working together and he never went back.

How did you turn a few songs into a film?

We had all the characters and Machiel wrote songs for each one of them. I then brought in Linda Korsten, Anel Stolp and Erik Holm and together with Machiel, we took about a month to write the concept for the film, which we decided would be a 1950s musical.

At first we struggled with the name and we were originally going to call it “Jive 50”. Then one day Linda told me she was on her way to Pretville, which is what she called Pretoria. That’s when my wife piped up and said, “That’s the name of the film.”

Why did you build a set for the town?

We scouted everywhere for a suitable location which still had lots of buildings from the 50s, but we could not find anything that worked. I chatted to my sister, who is an architect, and she suggested we just build the town. She showed me the plans and we went ahead. We began the project in April 2011, and it took me, seven builders and five assistants about a year to construct it.

It’s not easy to make a film that is set in the 50s. How did you choose your team?

I knew that few people in the industry had experience in doing this type of work, but that it would also be a great opportunity for people. There is something really charming about the period, and everyone I spoke to was really keen on the concept.

I approached a large number of the “Liefling” team and I brought Bathoni Robinson on board as the production designer. She loved the 50s and has a great eye for detail, which is very important in this type of film. Nike Holm en Merishen Wessels also made an excellent contribution in this area.

We asked Nerine Pienaar to do the wardrobe design. She was so excited – which designer wouldn’t be? She made and bought some truly exceptional costumes.

It was important for me to choose the team carefully because we all had to be prepared to work together, handle criticism and dish it out too. We were all team players, just like we were on “Liefling”.

How did you cast actors for the various roles?

Machiel, Linda and I all had a few people in mind, but the process was very organic. As the story developed, so we thought of people who could play the part – for example, Emo Adams and Margit Meyer-Rodenbeck as the Pretville police officers and Kevin Leo and Jakkie Louw as the jail wardens. And who better to play the prisoners that Kobus Wiese and Jimmy Abbott? Terence Bridgett as the hairdresser and mayor was also a shoe-in. The casting was spot on.

Every artist, actor, and dancer who we approached immediately agreed and played their part with gusto. No-one quibbled about fees and we were able to pay industry rates. Everyone agreed that it was a unique opportunity.

At first, Machiel, Linda and I agreed we would choose the lead characters on merit alone. That’s a big risk, because people want to see well known stars on screen. We held auditions and 180 of the best actors in the country, as well as complete unknowns, arrived. We chose Eugene Jensen, Marno van der Merwe en Marlee van der Merwe to play the leads because of the quality of their performances, and also because they were able to convey the look and feel of the times.

Why did you choose Linda Korsten as the director of Pretville?

It’s always been a dream of Linda’s to direct a movie and when I asked her about the project in early 2011, she agreed. She has been excellent at both producing and directing the film, and took on the role of parent to us all as well.


Where did you find inspiration for Pretville?

We looked to films, musicals and stage productions like “Mamma Mia”, “Grease”, “West Side Story”, “Fish”, and “Pleasantville”. We did that to ensure that we were on the right track with Pretville. It was not really about finding inspiration because we wanted to create something truly unique.

How important was it to have the music, songs and dance ready before you started filming?

When you’re making a musical film, it’s critical to have the music ready and recorded before you commence filming. The sound recordings were all completed by October 2011. During this time, we determined and outlined every role in the film. Before each recoding we agreed on exactly how the characters would be represented as this had to come across in each song.

This process took about a month because there were 28 songs in total, many of them sung by different characters. It was a fairly lengthy exercise, which was led by Machiel Roets. As the director, I made sure that every person was in character during the recordings.

We discussed all the songs with the choreographer Ferdinand Gernandt. We agreed on how we saw the songs being played out, where they would be located, and who would be involved in the scenes. We also got together on set to place each of the characters. Ferdinand then went away and planned the choreography in line with our discussions.

Two weeks before filming began we held dance rehearsals with the dancers and the actors. I was also involved at this stage, as I had to ensure once again that everyone was in character.

Although the cast was so large, getting the actors ready to play their roles was not a terribly complex task. We met with each one of them, discussed their role and how they would bring their character to life, and they got on with it. It was wonderful to watch really experienced performers like Rina Nienaber, Annette Engelbrecht, Lizz Meiring, Steve Hofmeyr en Terence Bridgett take what we told them and deliver the goods with so much expertise. It was also a wonderful experience to work with young actors who have had quite a lot of experience on stage. They were all a talented bunch and it was a great pleasure to work with them.

When did Nerine Pienaar come on board and what were your instructions to her?

Nerine Pienaar joined us in September 2011 as the costume designer. We worked through the script and discussed the personalities and looks of each character in the film. We also agreed on the 50s look and feel, and on using lots of colour. A few weeks later, Nerine came back with a wardrobe style guide, which included illustrations and ideas for each character, as well as colour palettes for all of them. She had done a lot of research into the style of the era, which shows on screen. Because it’s a period film, we had to get the costumes, makeup and hairstyles exactly right.

Nerine did a fantastic job. She knew all about 50s fashion and style. The costumes were perfect and the cast loved them. Her passion for her work shines through.

Why did you choose Bathoni Robinson as the production designer?

Bathoni joined the team just before the set was completed. She has the most amazing ability to turn things to gold. I sometimes wondered whether the colours she had chosen would work together and then I would see that she had an eye for colour and detail that no-one else did. What she did with every little store and exterior was remarkable. She studied the script very carefully and made sure she incorporated everything that was necessary. She also did a lot of research into the period and turned the set into a perfect 50s town. Everything was colourful and well defined.

What were some of the most important considerations in making the film?

Although Pretville is a fictitious place filled with eccentric characters, it had to be realistic. The most important consideration was to introduce the audience to a town that is full of fun and populated by people we all know to some extent. That requires the right camera angles, lighting, settings, actors and music. You have to remember that what appears on screen must captivate the audience. That means every component of the filmmaking process is critical. The editing is also key. Bad editing can ruin a film. Thankfully, we had Anel Stolp on the team and she was excellent.

What style did you choose for the filming?

We watched a lot of films. These days shooting and editing is fairly quick. I prefer the more old-fashioned and slower way they did it in the 50s, with lots of wide shots so that you can see the dance moves. The music obviously had to be taken into account too. One of the songs is a sad, ‘lonely’ number sung by Serah Somers. We had to get across the sadness of the situation and you can’t do that by using rapid camera shots. Wide shots with her as the central point of focus brought the scene to life.

What were the biggest challenges?

Because we had a set budget and a certain number of days in which to shoot, it was sometimes tough to spend enough time on certain scenes.

As there were so many actors and dancers involved, the scenes that involved everyone were very taxing and took a lot out of me. You can only concentrate for so long and no more.

We also worked with a small production and technical team. Because I had the task of line producer on top of everything else, it was sometimes tough to do everything right.

On a personal level, my mother was very ill throughout the filming and she died three days before we were finished. It was a difficult time for me.

How difficult was it to co-ordinate the singing and dancing with so many people on set?

In this type of film, miming is critical and must be perfect. Machiel Roets helped enormously with this task. He kept an eye on everyone during the filming and we did it over and over until it was perfect.

Ferdinand Gernandt also helped enormously with the dance scenes and the placement of characters in some of the scenes.

The dance sequences were challenging because sometimes there were just one or two people out of synch with the other 30. But we had to practice until it was perfect.

The cast and dancers were fantastic. They were all enthusiastic and always tried to do their best, even when they were exhausted.

Tell us about the casting process. Were there any surprises?

Every actor cast suited their role perfectly. We spent a lot of time on finding the right people. All the youngsters auditioned, but the more established actors like Lizz Meiring, Steve Hofmeyr and Terence Bridgett were cast directly. Steve, for example, plays a role that is much like he is in real life gallant, charming and a singer.

Rina Nienaber, in the role of Roeda Regyt, was perfect from the start. So was Annette Engelbrecht as Ouma Sarie. Everyone would love to have such a sweet, caring granny.

I was really surprised by Willem Botha in the role of Hennie Hakkel. He worked hard to get that stutter perfect, which is not easy.

We searched for a long time to find the right person to play Emily, Serah Somers’ mother. Sanet Ackerman stunned me with her interpretation of this role.

Terence Bridgett shone as both the hairdresser and mayor of the town, not an easy one for any actor to play.

Then of course there was Lizz Meiring as Lollie le Roux, the coquettish wallflower who tries to lead every young man astray. She was excellent.

Newbie Eugene Jensen played the part of farm boy Dawid superbly and he is going to be very popular with the ladies in the audience.  So too will Marno van der Merwe, who plays the cocky young Frank. He’s going to make lots of hearts beat a little faster.

The role of Serah Somers is played by the beautiful and talented Marlee van der Merwe, who is perfect for this part and sings like a dream.

What did Ferdinand Gernandt bring to the film?

He not only created the most extraordinary choreography, but he also helped enormously with the placing of characters in many of the scenes. More than half of the songs in the film are highly choreographed and there is no doubt that Ferdinand’s talents have added a whole extra dimension to the film. He often challenged the dancers and actors to perform complex moves. It was worth all the effort and you can see it on the screen. He’s a talented young man and will go far in the film industry.


What was your inspiration for Pretville?

I’ve always loved the 50s and the 60s. I don’t think Afrikaans performers have had the opportunity to really interpret the music of that time. I wanted to hear that sound in Afrikaans.

Describe the writing process

Most of the musicals of that time were tales of love, like Gershwin’s Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. In the South African context, where many Afrikaners are in the farming community, it made sense to write a story about a farm boy who falls in love with a town girl. Once that decision was made the rest was easy as all the characters fell into place. What I tried to do was to bring out the comic side of Afrikaners and their great sense of humour.

We knew there had to be a hair salon in the story, a place where people can come together and gossip. We also had to have a diner, because that is so much a part of the 50s.

Tell us a bit about the characters

Serah Somers was the first character I worked on. Paul was mad about Marlee van der Merwe, who he had worked with on Liefling, Die Movie. We knew that she would play the lead and the role was written with her in mind.

We also knew she had to have a grandmother because that’s the person who gives you advice about love. Her mother had to have a suitor too, and that was how we created Steve’s role. He is perfect as Eddie Elektriek, someone who has had a long career and is ready to come home.

We could not think of a name for our hairdresser until Anel Stolp mentioned the French term “le coiffeur”, which we turned into the Afrikaans-sounding Lukuveer, and that was how Pierre Lukuveer was created. He is a colourful, funny character and is also the mayor of the town to boot.

Because Pretville is a fantasy town, we were able to create a whole rainbow-coloured world where everything is pretty and everyone gets along.

How did you approach the song writing?

The big thing about 50s music is that it’s generally upbeat, even when the songs are sad, like the one Serah Somers sings when her heart is broken. The rock ‘n roll numbers are great and the sax is definitely the cherry on top.  I’ve never written for the sax before, but the orchestra I worked with was fantastic and the sound we got was excellent.

What was the inspiration for the song Lie and Deny/Lieg en Bedrieg?

To understand this song, you have to have been in a relationship. It’s based on my own mum and dad. My dad would go out with his friends and then come home and get into trouble. My mother claimed all she wanted was for him to tell the truth about where they’d been, but I’m not sure if she would ever really have forgiven him. I think in many relationships people fib in order to keep the peace.

Which songs are your favourite?

I love all of them in some way or another. Rietfontein is very special because it’s the song that convinced Paul to work with me. I really like the pretty little Hennie Hakkel song, which is actually based on Summer Loving. Marlee van der Merwe steals my heart every time with Is Jy Verlief?.

What were the most difficult songs to write?

Roeda is Dood. It was very hard to write a funny song about someone who has died. It was a challenge, but I think I got it right.

How did you see the choreography?

Pretville is all about song and dance. In my head I just saw the hop and bop of the 50s, but when Ferdinand came along, he brought his unique style to it all. He worked on original Pretville dance moves and did not just copy what we’ve seen in American films. He would bring bits of choreography in and as the songs grew and evolved, so he would develop the choreography to follow suit. He was very sharp and would take just a few minutes to work out a new dance if we needed it. He has a great talent.


Serah Somers (Marlee van der Merwe)

Serah is a popular girl who lives in Pretville with her mother Emily. The young men of the town are very taken with her and compete for her affections. She does not pay much notice to them, but she still enjoys the attention. She often helps her mother at the diner and she visits the hair salon to see her gran Sarie, so that the two of them can catch up on the gossip.

Dawid de Wit (Eugene Jensen) 

Dawid works on the farm Rietfontein along with three of his friends. He often goes to Pretville to deliver fresh produce from the farm. When he’s in town, he can’t help noticing all the pretty girls. He’s a good looking boy and likes to attract attention too. He has known Grieta Geeverniet since he was a child and always pops in to see how she is doing.

Frank Fouche (Marno van der Merwe)

Frank is Pretville’s heartbreaker. He paints the town red with his friends and the girls are nuts about them. Frank and his buddies work at the Pretville garage where he is the manager, but they always seem to be out on the street.

Pierre Lukuveer ( Terence Bridgett) 

Pierre Lukuveer is Pretville’s flamboyant hairdresser and because he is so popular with everyone, he is also the mayor of the town. If you want to know anything about anyone, you can stop in at the salon and Pierre will tell you everything. He and Ouma Sarie spend their lives gossiping.

Dyna and Dot (Christel Mutombo and D’Anne Mahlangu)

Dyna and Dot are The Supremes of Pretville. They are Pierre’s assistants at the salon, but they are also backing singers with Kallie Klawers’ orchestra. They help Pierre with his mayoral duties too. They have a great time in Pretville.

Eddie Elektriek (Steve Hofmeyr)

Eddie Erasmus (now Elektriek) used to live in Pretville in his 20s, and left to seek his fortune. He has a relationship with Emily Somers before he left. He has since become a famous pop star, and has always remained a bit of a skirt chaser. When he returns to Pretville, everyone wonders what plans he has up his sleeve.

Emily Somers (Sanet Ackermann)

Emily is Serah’s mother. She left Pretville for Kimberley when she fell pregnant, and then later returned to buy the diner, which she runs with a firm hand. In her younger days she had a relationship with Eddie Elektriek and many people wonder is he is Serah’s father.

Minnie and Bets (Nadia Beukes and Fredia Roux)

These two girls work at the diner and are Serah’s best friends and the three of them never miss a dance at the Pretville town hall.

The local boys: Frik and Faan (Chris van Rensburg and Kenneth Meyer)

Frik and Faan are Frank’s best friends and they also work at the car dealer’s. The three young men can always be seen around town chasing the girls or looking for trouble.

The Farm Boys: Wiks, Faan en Jan (Jaco van Rensburg, Sifiso Mazibuko, Reynard Hugo)

Wiks, Faan and Jan follow Dawid everywhere. They work with him on the farm and they too have an eye for the girls. They encourage Dawid to play the field a little.

Lollie, Bettie and Lettie (Lizz Meiring, Estelle Kriek and Annika Steenkamp)

Lollie is the owner of the candy store. She likes the young men in the town, but they don’t take much notice of her, even though she is very forward and outgoing. She’s hired Bettie and Lettie to help her in the store, and they all go dancing together on the weekend. However, no-one really wants to dance with them so they are known as the town’s wallflowers.

Ouma Sarie (Annette Engelbrecht)

Ouma Sarie is Serah Somers’ grandmother, but the townsfolk think of her as their own “ouma”. She’s a great cook and her plum tarts win the annual prize every year at the plum festival. She visits the salon almost every day and loves to talk to Pierre.

Roeda Regyt (Rina Nienaber)

Roeda is the mayor’s assistant. She’s always at the salon and thinks she knows better than everyone else. She sees herself as a perfectionist and is always busy setting things right. She sticks her nose in everyone’s business and people get quite annoyed with her. She like to eat and to wear hats.

Gerda and Grieta Geeverniet (Carike Keuzenkamp and Lizelle de Klerk)

Grieta works at the hardware store with Tommie. Gerda is Grieta’s mother and supports her daughter in everything. Grieta is heavily pregnant, but no-one knows who the father of the baby is. She and Dawid grew up together and they are good friends.

Hennie Hakkel (Willem Botha)

Poor Hennie. He stutters terribly. He’s also the local postman and delivers post on his bicycle. He’s keen to have a girlfriend, but no-one’s really interested in him.

Dr. Sylvester and Santjie (Pieter Koen and Liesl du Toit)

They are the local doctor and nurse, but they’re always around town because no-one ever really gets sick. Dr. Sylvester is used to Roeda’s hypochondria and is able to give as good as he gets. 

Police Officers: Jakkie and Jakomien (Emo Adams and Margit Meyer-Rodenbeck)

These are the peacekeepers of Pretville and they are terrible bored as nothing ever happens in the town. Jakkie is a great dancer and Jakomien is blonde. What more can we say?

Jail Wardens: Bennie en Buks (Jakkie Louw and Kevin Leo)

Not many people in Pretville go to jail, but Bennie and Buks are very serious about their work. When they are not at the local prison, they help out as undertakers.



After studying entertainment technology at Tshwane University of technology for a year, Marlee van der Merwe completed her three-year diploma in musical theatre at the same institution. During this period she excelled in various areas. Having a natural flair for choreography got her a spot on the FNB Dance Umbrella festival programme in 2003, where her piece Violence on violins was performed.

After Marlee graduated, she appeared in musical productions such as Showboat, The Full Monty, Afrikaans 2038, High School Musical, Mamma Mia!, Jesus Christ Superstar, Ester and various Barnyard productions and corporate events. Her career as a theatrical actress, singer and dancer has taken her all over the world where she has performed for many foreign audiences. More recently she played the part of Melani Von Staden in Liefling, Die Movie.

Marlee is also no stranger to the recording studio and has been involved in many commercial projects as a vocalist and creatively as a songwriter. She is currently working on her debut Solo album. She is thrilled and very proud to be part of Hartiwood’s latest masterpiece and hope that the audience will experience the love and passion that went into creating this very special piece.


Eugene is a vibrant, energetic person with a love for the finer things in life. He has been making music for about 13 years, grew up in a musically talented family and played in a few bands since high school. Due to his parents’ support and belief in his ability to make music, he started out with drums and ended up playing guitar. He studied jazz at Tshwane University of Technology and then performed in the theatre and television industry. He appeared in the tele-novella Hart van Staal that was on Kyk-Net a few years back.


In April 2009 Marno was cast in Houtkruis the musical as his first professional theatre role. After that he was cast in Dance Some More as lead vocalist and dancer at the Performer Theater and during that show started rehearsal on the Tyrone Watkins production Spotlight as singer, actor, and dancer at Emperors Palace. In February 2010 Marno did a run of Kidz Rock at the Barnyard. After that he did a two-month run of Party Police at Ushaka Marine World in Durban. Next he played a supporting lead in the musical Haweloos and then appeared in Janice Honeyman’s pantomime Robinson Crusoe. In 2011 Marno acted in the hit TV series Hartland on kykNET and simultaneously performed in two stage productions: One Hit Wonders at the Boma theatre and The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Barnyard.

TERENCE BRIDGETT – Pierre Lukuveer

Terence Bridgett graduated from UCT Drama School with a BA, Performers Diploma in Speech and Drama and a Fleur du Cap nomination for Most Promising Student. Two years on the boards in Cape Town saw him in various dramas, comedies and musicals, as well as his favourite: Shakespearian productions. ‘Twas, in fact, The Bard who sent him North.’ Clare Stopford’s Twelfth Night brought him to Jozi in 1998, where his subsequent stage production, Babes In The Wood, earned him a VITA nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy Role.

After his television debut in Hotnotsgode, Terence appeared in various dramas and sitcoms before landing the role of Chico Booysens in SABC 3’s Isidingo, a role which garnered him an AVANTI Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2001. Dubbed by the media as South Africa’s ‘Soap Slut’ after his subsequent appearances in 7de Laan and Backstage, he is proud of his association with such local productions as Zero Tolerance, Snitch, The Lab and the Canadian co-production, Jozi H.

In 2004, together with actor and entrepreneur Rowan Cloete, Terence launched 8Ball Productions, a theatre company which since then has mounted Crimes of the Heart, Plofstof, The Unvarnished Truth, the 25th anniversary production of Poppie Nongena, the critically acclaimed Love! Valour! Compassion! and three seasons of the box office success, My Night With Reg, which landed him a Fleur du Cap nomination along the way.

On the musical stage, Terence recently shaved his head as Pharoah in Paul Warwick Griffin’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, shed 15kg (and most of his clothes) for Saturday Night Fever – The Musical and donned a four-foot purple wig opposite Tobie Cronje in the Baroque comedy, Sing, which returned to the State Theatre in June 2009.

Having recently wrapped on the British-Canadian miniseries, Rough, Terence has recently screened on the 2nd and 3rd seasons of Erfsondes and The Lab respectively, as well as Paul Slabolepszy’s sitcom Konsternasie Oppie Stasie. His recent return to Isidingo has been interrupted by yet another soap as he continues to live up to his media nickname of SA’s ‘soap slut’ with M-Net’s Binneland Sub Judice.


The talented D’Anne Nokuhlula Mahlangu hails from Pretoria. She discovered her love for and talents in the arts at Pro Arte Alphen Park School of the Performing Arts as a Drama Major and later obtained a BTech in Musical Theatre at the Tshwane University of Technology. She has been in theatrical productions such as Have you seen Zandile as Lindiwe directed by E. Crauze (2005), Ragtime as Ensemble/Harlen Woman directed by Tim Walton (2007), Urinetown (2008) as Josephine Strong directed by Elizma van Renzburg and her debut professional performance as lead vocalist and set designer in African Dream (2010) directed by Johnny Loate. Current projects Trapped (2011/2012), directed by Princess Z. Mhlongo.  Arepp: Theatre for Life (2011). Her love and respect for the arts continues to grow with passion and consistency.   


Lizz is one of South Africa’s most versatile entertainment industry professionals. She is a celebrated actress, TV presenter, theatre director, dramatist, novelist, scriptwriter, lecturer, theatre producer, journalist, MC, voice artist and screenwriter. Since graduating with a BA (Drama) Honours degree from the University of Pretoria in 1983, Lizz has starred in more than 312 stage productions, 268 television productions and 14 feature films. These productions range from the classics to contemporary dramas and farce, comedies, sitcoms, musicals, pantomime and cabaret. She has written and directed 193 productions and is extensively involved in the producing of mainstream theatre. She has translated 5 plays from French and English into Afrikaans, co-written and solo written television scripts and feature films, and has starred in eight one-woman shows.

Lizz is the recipient of 10 awards, including the joint Vita Award and the Critic’s Award, The Dalro, for best actress, and best supporting actress. She also won the prestigious Ster Kinekor/Nu Metro film award 2001 as the Golden Entertainer of the SA film industry. In 2004 she was the recipient of the Mr Video/Ster Kinekor/Numetro Spotlight Award For Best Screen Actress Of The Last Decade 1994 –2004, as well as the Randburgse Kultuurtoekenning 2004, and the Naledi Award for best supporting actress in 2005.


Annica studied musical theatre at Tshwane University of Technology where she took part in musicals such as Spring Awakening (Frau Bergman), Assassins (Sara Jane Moore) and I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change. In high school she did several one woman shows at the Centurion Theatre.  Despite her theatre training, she has a love for film and television. Annica keeps busy by writing monologues, pop ballads and the occasional cabaret.  She aspires to be a driven and successful performer.



Marlee van der Merwe
Eugene Jensen
Marno van der Merwe
Lizelle de Klerk
Steve Hofmeyr
Sanet Ackermann
Terence Bridgett
Annette Engelbrecht
Rina Nienaber
Lizz Meiring
Willem Botha
Emo Adams
Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck
Machiel Roets
Carike Keuzenkamp
Nadia Beukes
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Jaco van Rensburg
Sifiso Mazibuko
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Jarred B Jordaan
Thabiso Lekuba
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Trudy-Ann Fredericks
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Michelle Leibrandt

Executive Producers

Emma Krüger
Paul Krüger


Linda Korsten
Paul Krüger


Linda Korsten

Music & Lyrics/Musical Director              Machiel Roets

Director of Photography                                 Paul Krüger

Assistant Director                                              Renske de Klerk

Assistant to the Director                                Erik Holm

Editor and Grader                                              Anel Stolp

Assistant Editor                                                  Daniel Shelley

Choreographer                                                    Ferdinand Gernandt

Assistant Choreographer                               Diani Gernandt

Production Manager                                         Renske de Klerk

Original Concept                                                 Paul Krüger

Script                                                                         Machiel Roets en die Hartiwood span

Production Designer                                         Bathoni Robinson

Assistant Art Director                                      Merishen Wessels

Scenics                                                                       Nike Holm
                                                                                        Elsabe Holm

Art Department Assistant                               Charline Gordon

Architect                                                                    Ellen Wilken

Pretville Post Office Dressed by                    Amelia van der Walt

Refreshments in Town Hall                            Corelize Krüger

Art Students from  TUT

Rozani du Plessis
Nadia Ferreira
Frances van Zyl
Helouise Fielix
Charline Gordon


Costume Designer                                                Nerine Pienaar

Wardrobe Mistress                                             Corlia Pienaar

Wardrobe Buyer                                                   Christina Elgie

Wardrobe Controler                                          Ina Crocker

Wardrobe Assistants                                         Doreen Coetzee

Jolandi Pienaar

Beverly Mogorosi

Miniel Britz


Millinery                                                                     Tracy Jonker

Key Hair & Make -Up                                          Charlie Runge

Make-Up Assistants                                            Samantha Carter

Liezl Callaghan

Raine Tauber

Gerlia Groenewald

Charline Gordon

Madelaine van Antwerp


Key Hair Stylist                                                      Lee-Anne Nourse

Assistant Hair                                                         Ina Nourse


Cameraman #1                                                       Gustav Germishuizen

Cameraman #2                                                       Paul Krüger

Cameraman #3                                                       Dieter Uys

Camera Assistant                                                   Daniel Shelley

Gaffer                                                                          Lourens du Toit

Jib Operator                                                              Johan Strydom

Jib Assistant                                                             Heavyman Moshwetsi

Sound                                                                           Chris Rothman

Animation/Special Effects                               JHH van der Merwe


Music Recording Engineers                           Bruce Wallace

Machiel Roets


Music Sound Mix                                                   Bruce Wallace

Machiel Roets


Foleys and Dubbing                                             Machiel Roets

Linda Korsten


Final Sound Mix                                                      Janno Muller

Tim Pringle

Bruce Wallace



Guitar                                                                           Ruan Theron

Acoustic Guitar                                                                        Mauritz Lotz

Drums and Percussion                                      Bruce Wallace

Bruce plays Zildjian Cymbals

Contra Bass                                                              Werner Spies

Bass Guitar                                                               Denny Lalouette

Piano and keyboard                                            Machiel Roets

Brass                                                                             Brendon Ross

Yusuf Justin Holcroft

Dave Holland


Post Production Facility                                  Eschol Video Produksies

Music Recording Studios                                 Hartiwood Studios

Beat in Time Studios

Finale Sound Mix                                                   On-Key Sound Studios

Unit Publicity                                                          David Alex Wilson

Legal                                                                              Charl Groenewald

MacRobert Inc.


Translation                                                               Linda Korsten

Machiel Roets

Nicolene Lourens


Graphic Artist                                                         Annemarie Burger

Unit Manager                                                           Joepie Hamman

Head Caterer                                                            Ina Human

Catering Assistants                                             Sune van der Colff

Sanet Schoeman

Persina Monyai

Rosie Lekoane


Coordinator                                                            Leana Pool

Behind the scenes                                                 Daniel Shelley

Gustav Germishuizen

Dieter Uys

Paul Krüger


Data Manager                                                           Daniel Shelley

Web Site                                                                      Indigenous Film Distribution

Still Photography                                                  Albert Bredenhann                                                                                                                                                          Pixel Pro Photography

Annemarie Burger


Land Surveyor                                                        Anthony Calogero

Building Consultant                                            Vivian Willemse

Thuli Badenhorst


Set Builders                                                              Hennie Bruwer

Andries Phatshwane

Innocent Majoni

Brian Masango

Wilson Makobela

Dixon Mtetwa

Fillip Langa

Apostol Makamo

Shadrak Nkozi

Godknows Muhlapusi

Charles Sithole

Billion Masimba




Carpenters                                                                André van der Walt

Yochanan Karl Lewis

Lourens du Toit

Noek Theron


Electrician                                                                 Ernest Crocker

Plumber                                                                      Jan Joubert


Mr. Holm’s Personal Assistant                    Gabriel Mvinji



Abraham Viljoen                                 Adelia Laubsher                                   Adelle Wentzel

Alicia Champman                                Alicia Enslin                                            Alida Siebert

Amelia van der Walt                          Anita Rautenbach                               Annette du Preez

Annika van der Merwe                    Anri Korb                                                 Anton van Zyl

Anton Marius van Zyl                      BJ Robbertse                                          Bismarck van der Walt

Braam Viljoen                                       Brenton Alexander                            Cara Bosman

Carien Bosman                                     Carla Strydom                                       Centaine Knuppe

Chantal van Zyl                                     Chantelle                                                   Charlene Vermeulen

Charmaine Douglas                            Christene van der Merwe              Christina Schoeman

Christo Valentyn                                 Christo Wentzel                                   Constant Viljoen

Dawie Barnard                                     Dawie Schutte                                       De Villiers Esterhuyse

Dewalt van der Merwe                    Doreen Coetzee                                    Doret Potgieter

Driekie Vorster                                    Eckard Boshoff                                                       Elizabeth Marais

Elizma Brink                                          Elli Krüger                                               Elmonique Bester

Elsa J. Siebert                                          Elsje Schoeman                                     Emmerentia Jacobs

Erik Enslin                                               Esme Wessels                                        Fanie Crous

Frans Jonker                                          Fleur Schipper                                      Francois Jonker

Francois B. Siebert                             Francois Vorster                                Fifi Roets

Friederke Elfeldt                                 Gaylene Crous                                       Gerhard Oosthuizen

Gerhard van der Merwe                 Gusta Koekemoer                               Hanlie van Sittert

Hannes Pieterse                                   Hein Bezuidenhout                            Helen Stander

Helenè Reyneke                                   Hendrik Johannes Oosthuizen   Henriette Schnetler

Henriette Terblanche                      Ian du Plessis                                         Ilse Koekemoer

Ilse Smit                                                    Ina Human                                               Inè Human

Inike Human                                          Isabel Krüger                                         Jaco Human

Jaques Diedericks                               Janine Jacobs                                          Janke van Deventer

Jaques Barnard                                     Japie Schoonraad                                 Jean-Marie Diedericks

Jean-Marie van der Colff                 Jean Pierre Millard                             Jeanetta Claassens

Jessica Claassen                                    Johan Fourie                                           Johan Otto

Johan van der Walt                             Joost Conradie                                      Joshua Erasmus

Juandre van Metzinger                    Keanu                                                          Karien Louw

Kelly Ann Bekker                                Kobus Richards                                   Kosie Robbertse

Leandri Potgieter                                Lena Faber                                               Lezanne

Lichelle van der Merwe                  Lida-Ne Barnard                                  Lielie Viljoen

Lisa Terreblanche                              Lizel Richards                                       Lizel Willemse

Lize-Marie Diedericks BarnardLukas Schoeman                                  Lyndell Alexander

Magda Maria

Elizabeth van der Colff                     Mariaan van der Merwe

Marian Enslin                                        Mariska Douglas                                  Mariska van der Walt

Marius Wessels                                    Mariza Schoeman                                Marizelle Oosthuizen

Markus Steinman                                Marna Strauss                                       Marnus van Brakel

Martinus Wessel Pretorius          Maryke Robbertse                             Matsobane Marokalala

Mia van der Walt                                 Michael Moll                                           Michelle van Zyl

Mineh Malatola                                     Monique Moll                                        Mouritz du Preez

Nadia van der Merwe                       Neline Enslin                                          Nico van Rensburg

Nicolaas Schoeman                            Nicoleen Lourens                                Nina Schoeman

Noeline van der Walt                        Noeline Viljoen                                     Patricia Jonker

Paul Jacobus Siebert                          Paulus Krüger                                       Phillip Roets

Pierre Diedericks (Junior)            Pierre Diedericks (Senior)            Pierre

Eckard Boshoff

Pieto Heslinga                                       PR Human                                                Quinton Pretorius

Renè van Zyl                                           Renier Struwig                                     Riana Ooshuizen

Ricolette von Wielligh                     Riekert Barnardo                               Rikus Engelbrecht

Robyn Schipper                                   Ronel de Beer                                        Ronel Robbertse

S Vermeulen                                           Sanet Schoeman                                   Sjibbolet van der Walt

Stefan Schoeman                                  Stefan van der Colff                            Stephan Nthumane

Stephen Mafanikane                          Sune van der Colff                               Sybrand van Zyl

Sunè le Roux                                           Tanja Smith                                             Tanya Vorster

Theresa Wolfswindel                       Tihan van der Colff                             Tracy Jonker

Vickey                                                        Vicky Enslin                                           Vivien Willemse

Wilhelmina Schuerger                     Yzane                                                           Zelmine van Zyl

Zurika Earle                                            Frans Marokalala


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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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Music & Lyrics – Machiel Roets

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